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  • How can we make a reservation ?
    We don't take reservations. It’s first come, first serve.
  • Do you have a children's menu ?
    We do not have a specific children's menu. But we have a wide selection of smaller dishes for kids to choose from.
  • Do you serve Halal meat ?
    All our chicken is 100% Halal certified.
  • Do you have Vegetarian options ?
    Yes, we do! We have a variety of Vegetarian burgers and side dishes to choose from on our menu.
  • Why don't the burgers come with fries?
    You can choose a side dish next to every main course. We do not sell menus so you can choose from your favorites.
  • Do you have bread without gluten ?
    No, we don’t serve GLUTEN FREE bread
  • Does your vegan meat contain soy ?
    The main ingredients of our vegan meat is wheat, soy protein and beetroot juice.
  • Do you have the allergens information available?
    Yes. You can ask the information at the counter.
  • Are dogs allowed in the restaurant ?
    Well behaved dogs are welcome.
  • Can we pay cash ?
    Yes, we accept cash.
  • Do you accept all cards ?
    We accept only debit cards. Cash payments are also accepted
  • Do you sell gift cards at your location ?
    Yes, we sell gift vouchers at our location. Gift vouchers can also be purchased online by sending us an email, you will receive an e-voucher.
  • Do you have any jobs available ?
    If you’d like to join our Patty n Bun Team we'd love to hear from you! Please head over to our careers page to find out what vacancies we have available.
  • Can i Franchise with you ?
    Want to spread the burger joy ? And be the next burger expert. Send a email to
  • Where can i get the best burgers ?
    Let's be honest, of all the FAQs we don't really need to answer this one...


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